Water Interface Experimentation (WIE)
Motels & Hotels (Temporary Lodging)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Aquatic Corndoggin pre WIE
Water Interface Experimentation (WIE)

We are on the roof top in the newly non-renovated combination tennis court and pool area—accessible from the South Tower on the 5th floor and from the North Tower on the 7th floor—of the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The PH&C is located on Main Street in Old Town Las Vegas and is adjacent to Fremont Street, the second most famous street in Las Vegas after the Las Vegas Strip. Fremont Street is nicknamed Glitter Gulch on account of all the street’s abundance of neon signs like the cowboy Vegas Vic.


We are on our way to the Grand Canyon.


We have done the research and the results are clear, hotel pools are responsible for 67% of all pool-related injuries. We took into account Olympic-size public pools, kidney-shaped backyard pools, above ground doughboys, and even those stationary lap pools built for the senseless. The unsupervised coliseum-like setting leads to a level of oneupmanship unrivaled by other pool types. Home pools cause a fair amount of damage to be sure but what we discovered is that hotel pools provide a potent combination of public space and the freedom from familiar surroundings that 8 times out of 10 lead to water interface experimentation. And it is this uncommon usage that leads to most injuries. In cases where injuries occur legal and illegal substances were at play 83% of time.  Do we suggest avoiding hotel pools? Are we recommending that you stick with typical water interface usage? Of course not.


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