Mather Point
Waypoints – Scenic Overlooks
South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ
Mather Point Scenic Overlook
Mather Point

Weather in the WEATHER IN THE Grand Canyon11The Grand Canyon is one of Seven Natural Wonders of the World; 1) Grand Canyon 2) Great Barrier Reef 3) Harbor of Rio de Janeiro 4) Mount Everest 5) Aurora 6) Paricutin Volcano 7) Victoria Falls. varies according to elevation. The forested rim is high enough to receive winter snowfall, while along the Colorado River path of the inner gorge temperatures are similar to those found in Tucson and other low elevation Arizona desert locations. Conditions in the Grand Canyon region are generally dry with substantial precipitation occurring twice annually. These follow seasonal pattern shifts in winter (when Pacific storms usually deliver widespread, moderate rain and high-elevation snow to the region from the west) and in late summer (due to North American Monsoons), which deliver waves of moisture from the southeast, causing dramatic localized thunderstorms fueled by high daytime temperatures. Average annual precipitation on the South Rim is less than 16 inches (35 cm), with an average of 60 inches (132 cm) of snow.


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